Open-inside Casement Hardware

Open-inside casement hardware pivot left to right or right to left, ultimately making their function up to you. Here are a few simple guidelines to consider when deciding which way your new casement windows will open. Casement windows open by pivoting rather than sliding. This unique operation makes it easy to open a casement window located behind the kitchen sink or in another hard-to-reach place. The fact that casements require a crank to open also means they contribute to better home security. If you’re thinking of installing open-inside casement hardware in your home, you may be unsure about what direction they should open. As a starting point, casement windows should pivot outward rather than inward. Keep in mind that this means the screen must be installed on the interior. If you need a window that prevents air infiltration, the most weather tight window you can purchase is a fixed window. But the second most weather tight window is a casement window. 

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