Awning Operator hardware accessories

A door backing plate attaches to the latch-side door jamb. It has a round or square hole that the door latch bolt fits into when you turn the knob and close the door. Over time or due to temperature changes, the door or jamb can swell and warp, preventing the bolt from fully latching into the backing plate. The backing plate can be moved or slightly modified to fix this condition. The purpose of the awning operator hardware accessories is to absorb the impact of repeated insertions of gauge sticks, and to help dissipate the impact of product being dropped into the tank. ... Today, most striker plates are installed by the tank manufacturer. To snug the door up you would move the backing plate toward the center of the door jamb. Move it away from the center if the strike will not seat when the door is closed. For minor adjustments, you may be able to loosen the plate and tap it in the direction you need. Use a screwdriver to loosen the screws slightly. A door backing plate or striker plate attaches to the door jamb and receives a latch or dead bolt when locking or latching a door. Choose one of our handsome solid brass striker plates for mortise locks. For rim locks, select a cast iron rim lock keeper. An awning operator hardware accessories is a piece of hardware that works with a lock to keep a door secure. The strike is installed on the door frame and contains a hole that catches the latch or bolt that extends from the lock.

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