Company Name:

Jason Hardware CO.LTD
Year of founded
Registered funds? (optional information):
3.53 million yuan
Quality control of the product? Raw material control?
Material are all with quality certificate from the factory.
The accessories are subject to our own self-inspection, all according to the sampling standard GB/T2828.1-2012
Environmental protection?
We are also a high-quality environmental protection operation enterprise with local Environmental Friendly Certification.
Research and development strength?
R & D team: 25 people, 4 senior engineers, 21 intermediate engineers, cooperation with external industrial design units and third-party quality inspection to ensure our success rate.
International market? Please list the specific exporting countries!
Europe, North America, Middle East, South America and Africa.
The technical advantages of the product?
The rapid engineering realization of products from design to production is our advantage.
Optimize structural problems of original products and improve service life.
Is the sample available?
Provide sample
Delivery time?
Domestic delivery time: 10-15 days for single product, 25-30 days for mixed products
International loan period: 25-30 days for single product, 35-45 days for mixed products
Other special services? Such as design, customization, installation, training and other services!
Provide design, customization and other services to provide installation video
Is OEM available? 
OEM is available. 

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